Use Siri to get to the songs you love, without lifting a finger.


With the Spotify integration with Siri you can now get to the songs you love even faster, without lifting a finger.


You'll need iOS 13 on your device (iPhone or iPad) and make sure you have the latest Spotify app.


Siri can be used when you have your phone connected via Bluetooth or Aux cable to headphones or speakers, or when connected to Speakers, TV's and Games Consoles using Spotify Connect.

You can also use it when you are in the car and connected to the stereo via Bluetooth or aux cable, or to Apple CarPlay when using a lightning cable.


Get started by saying, "Hey Siri, Play Spotify".


You can also say things like...


"Hey Siri, Play <artist / album / playlist > on Spotify"




"Hey Siri, play some <genre> music on Spotify"


You can even ask for your favorite podcast by saying.....


"Hey Siri, play the podcast <podcast name> on Spotify"


Just remember to say "on Spotify" with each request.


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