Nest Audio

Nest Audio

Nest Audio

Nest Audio from Google is a smart speaker with powerful, rich bass that allows you to control your smart household, get news and personal notifications, or help setting up a home audio system.

Elegant and sophisticated. Nest Audio is designed for every household. You can play your favorite music from Spotify, check the weather, plan your day, control smart devices and more - just ask Google.

It's about sound

Google has retained the compact design but improved the sound compared to its predecessor. Thanks to its speakers, tweeters and built-in software, Nest Audio can reproduce music that is 75% louder and with 50% more powerful bass as well as generally clearer sound. Nest Audio also adapts to the environment, so no matter what you listen to, you always get the best sound. Just start with,"Hey Google" to listen to music, radio, playlists or podcasts from Spotify. Nest Audio also works with other Nest speakers and monitors and is Chromecast compatible, so you can create a multi-room sound system.

Hands-free help at home Your personal assistant

With Nest Audio, you can easily enjoy music at home and get a little help using just your voice. You can play your favorite music, control volume and find information about the song that you are listening to, hands-free. You can also plan your day, set alarms and control smart devices around your home -- just ask Google.

Voice match and control

You can teach Google Assistant to recognize your voice with Voice Match so you can use voice commands to get personal results. Not only do users receive personalized results from their calendar, reminders and playlists, Google Assistant also gets to know your music preferences and most used commands to respond faster over time. 

Hands-free calling

Make hands-free calls with your voice via Google Duo calls. The voice-controlled hi-tech speakers and microphone clearly transmit sound so you can make calls while doing something else.

Smart home control with voice

Homes have become more intelligent over time, so with Nest Audio from Google, you can control thousands of smart devices, including products from Nest, LIFX, LG, Philips Hue and more. So you can adjust the thermostat, light intensity, TV volume, control smart plugs and sockets, start the coffee machine or have Google turn off the iron - all with your voice.

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