Skagen Falster 3 Smartwatch HR

Skagen Falster 3 Smartwatch HR

Skagen Falster 3 Smartwatch HR

Control Spotify with your Skagen Falster 3 Smartwatch HR. Use the Spotify app to browse through your favorite playlists right on your watch, and when you find a song you want to listen to, the playback screen will have controls for pause/play, skipping a track, going back to the previous song, adding it to your library, and sending it to another device using Spotify Connect.


  • Activity Tracker
  • Control Your Music
  • Date
  • GPS
  • Google Pay™
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Interchangeable Watch Band
  • Notifications
  • Personalize Your Dial
  • Swimproof
  • Voice Activated Google
  • Alarm Clock
  • App Alerts
  • Calendar Alerts
  • Email
  • Multiple Time Zones
  • Social Media
  • Text

  • Bluetooth® Smart Enabled / 4.2 Low Energy

  • Android 6.0+ (excluding Go edition), iOS 10.0+

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