Spotify on Google Home

Voice control your tunes

Google Home is a registered trademark of Google LLC.

Super Easy Setup.

1 - Set up your Google Home using the Google Home app


2 - In the app, link your Google and Spotify accounts


3 - Set Spotify as your default music service 

For more detailed instructions, visit our support page.

What you can say.

"Play Spotify"


"Play Pop"


"Play my Discover Weekly"

"What is this song?"


"Resume Spotify"

For a comprehensive list of things you can say, visit the Google Home support site.

Share your Google Home.


Set up Voice Match for personal results for everyone.


1 - Open the Google Home app


2 - Go to Device Settings


3 - Select Voice Match and follow the steps

For more detailed instructions, visit the Google support page.

Play all day

Wake up to your faves

Wake up to Spotify and get your day off to the perfect start.

Just say "Ok Google, set an alarm for 7am that plays Jonas Brothers".

Keep it family friendly

Filters make sure the music is appropriate for all ages.

Find out how to set content filters on the Spotify Help Page.

Fall sound asleep

Drift off to soothing sounds with a musical sleep timer.

Just say "Hey Google, play my Discover Weekly for 30 minutes”.

For complete reference to all these features and more visit the Google Home Help Page.