Connect in the car

Introduce your car to all your favorite music

and podcasts.

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Connect with a Cable

You may be able to use an AUX or USB cable to
connect your mobile device to your car.

1. Prep

Ensure you have the correct type

of cable.


Note: You can check with your car’s manufacturer if you don’t

know which type you need.

2. Plug

Find the AUX or USB socket in your
car and plug in the cable.

3. Play

Turn on your car and stereo,

select the AUX input, then

open Spotify and tap play.

Learn how on our podcast.

Connect via Bluetooth

Go wireless and play Spotify on Bluetooth supported car stereos.
Find out more about connecting with Bluetooth.

1. Set

Go to “Settings” in your stereo to find the Bluetooth menu, then choose the option to pair your device.

2. Sync

Turn on Bluetooth in both your mobile device and your stereo.

3. Select

Select your car, enter the pairing code if needed (you will likely find this in your car’s user guide), then play Spotify.


Learn how on our podcast.

Connect to Your
In-Car Dashboard

Your car may already be Spotify integrated like on GM cars,

or you may have a dashboard that supports Spotify using Android Auto

or Apple CarPlay. (Your car manual should have this information.)

Learn how on our podcast.

Apple CarPlay


• Start your car and make sure Siri is on.
• Plug your phone into the USB port or connect wirelessly (if supported).
• On your iPhone, go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “CarPlay.” Then select your car.

android auto


• Start your car.
• Plug your phone into the USB port.
• Play Spotify.

spotify integrated


Many car media systems come with Spotify built into the stereo.