Cambridge Audio Air 100

Cambridge Audio Air 100

Cambridge Audio Air 100

The press loved the first version of the Air 100 and they made it even better, with Spotify Connect, improved sound and all the features you loved from the first one.

All your music, however you want to play it, will always sound amazing.

The Air 100 design team have over 45 years’ experience in audio innovation and sound so its design benefits from all this expertise. The rigid exterior is essential for a portable product, but inside an acoustically damped cabinet eliminates vibration and distortion.

They’ve also taken technologies that they use on their most advanced speakers and incorporated them into the Air 100. They use BMR drivers which are found on their £1000 flagship Aeromax 6 floor standers, and there’s a bass port within the carry handle which helps produce heart thumping bass, just like on traditional loudspeakers.

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