Geneva Aerosphere

Geneva Aerosphere

Geneva Aerosphere

From shelf, table-top or on a floor-stand, the  Spotify Connect-enabled AeroSphére Large wireless stereo speaker system is in fact deceptively compact for its multi-driver complement and detailed size-defying hi-fi sound quality.

As the pioneer of true hi-fi stereo in a single cabinet, Geneva has designed the AeroSphére Large to replace a traditional dual speaker stereo hi-fi system with considerable acoustic performance.

The domed cabinet, which measures approx. 40cm across, houses two 1” tweeters, two 4” woofers and an up-firing 6” subwoofer, arranged in three separate acoustic chambers and powered by dedicated amplifiers individually optimised by proprietary DSP for accurate audio reproduction.

The up-firing subwoofer ensures that bass quality remains consistent no matter where the speaker is located.

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