Kitsound LInk

Kitsound LInk

Kitsound LInk

KitSound Link is one to file under “great idea”. It’s a multiroom audio adapter that links any speaker to your wireless home network, allowing you to incorporate audio systems of any vintage into a multiroom setup. All that’s required is a 3.5mm mini-jack input.

KitSound’s system is controlled by a free smartphone app, which sends music from DLNA devices and streaming services such as Spotify to any room in the house. 

The Link itself is a small box measuring 119mm wide by 27mm high, making it compact enough to perch on top of other components or place on a desktop. The gloss black finish is a real fingerprint magnet but rather stylish, enhanced further by a thick silver trim around the top panel.

The brushed-silver power button on top features an illuminated standby icon that glows in different colours to denote the unit’s status. The only other visible clutter is the KitSound and Qualcomm AllPlay logos on the front.

Build quality is good but not great – it’s light as a feather, the buttons click loudly when pressed and the plastic casing feels, well, plasticky. At this price, however, it’s difficult to complain.

On the back you’ll find optical digital and 3.5mm analogue outputs, plus buttons for WiFi and Direct mode setup. The Link is powered via the micro-USB port – you can connect a 5V DC power adapter (not supplied) or hook it up to your sound system’s USB port using the supplied USB-to-micro USB cable.

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