Teufel Cinebar Pro

Teufel Cinebar Pro

Teufel Cinebar Pro

Praised by film and music lovers everywhere, feared by neighbours: the Cinebar Pro is a no-compromise speaker system.

With total sound control, extreme high levels and an unbelievable bass, it delivers music and movie soundtracks just as they were intended.

- An elite soundbar with a 250 mm subwoofer for TV and music sound reproduction of the highest quality

- Eight high-performance drivers and six amplifiers for extremely high levels

- Dynamore® Ultra technology with side-firing speakers creates virtual surround sound

- Wireless XL subwoofer, which can be used either front- or down-firing

- Spotify Connect built-in

- 1 HDMI output with CEC for operation with the TV remote control, and ARC for one-cable setup, 4 HDMI inputs with 4K support

- Integrated wall-mount, line-in, headphones connections, optical digital input, sound adjustment, night mode

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